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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Wednesday, March 1, 2023: Grades 3 to 6 of the Irish Town Primary School returned to face to face instruction today March 1.

Initially for the month of March, school will take place at three locations in the vicinity of Irishtown. On March 1 grades 3-5 attended school at the Olivet Gospel Hall while grade six occupied the Basseterre Church of God (old Location).

Kindergarten through grade two will return to face to face instruction for the first time on March 2 and will now be situated in the Olivet Gospel Hall.

Grades 3-5 will then (March 2) shift to the building which once housed the Venezuelan Embassy on Greenland’s Pasture. Grade 6 will remain at the refurbished Church of Godbuilding Basseterre, 

The decision to restart face to face instruction was taken following a period of debriefing sessions organized by the Ministry of Educationfor staff and pupils regarding a tragic incident that took place on the school’s premises.

The Irish Town Primary School staff and students will be provided with ongoing compassionate care by the Counsellingdepartment of the Education sector, fulfilling a commitment of the Ministry of Education. It is the intention to return to the Irishtown Primary School following some adjustments being made to the physical plant to enhance safety, security and comfort. The Ministry is reinforcing its safe schools policy ad has promised to do all in its power to encourage adherence by all concerned.

The first assembly was held at the Olivet Gospel Hall. Several students expre

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