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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Thursday, June 27 , 2024. The Irish Town Primary School has been officially renamed the Halliday-Smith Primary School. The renaming ceremony, held on Wednesday, June, 26, marked a historic milestone in the school’s long and distinguished history. 

The decision to rename the school honours two influential figures that served at the school: Mrs. Maizee Halliday, a pioneering educator and past principal, and the late Mrs. Sylvia Smith, a beacon and a dedicated past teacher. 

Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, expressed

“Today, as we rename this school in their honour, we pay tribute to their legacy. As we unveil the new signage, let us remember that this act is not merely ceremonial. It is a testament to our collective commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering resilience, and building a stronger community. Let the name Halliday-Smith inspire us to create a nurturing, inclusive and innovative learning environment-one where every child can flourish.”

Mrs. Shenel Byron-Cassius, Principal of Irish Town Primary, shared

“The decision to rename our school was not taken lightly; it was made with significant consideration and respect for our past,while looking forward to our future. Our new name, Halliday-Smith Primary School, was chosen to reflect our values, aspirations, and the inclusive, forward-thinking community we strive to be.”

In response, Mrs. Maizee Halliday, conveyed her sincere thanks.

“I humbly express my gratitude to the (Education Department),the Ministry of Education, and the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis for the honour bestowed upon me in renaming the Irish Town Primary School to the Halliday-Smith Primary School. Renaming the school after Mrs. Smith and I is a symbol of the enduring power of education, May this institution continue to be a catalyst for positive change, a fountain of wisdom, and a source of education for all.”

The renaming to Halliday-Smith Primary School signifies a new chapter for the school, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in education and community service.


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