How to send View Once media on WhatsApp?

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Facebook Graphic of View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

By: Tito Chapman

Yes!!! You can now send a photo or video that will disappear on WhatsApp after the recipient has opened it and exited the media viewer.

Once they exit the media viewer, the media will no longer be visible in that chat and they can’t view it again. View once photos and videos won’t be saved to the recipient’s Photos or Gallery, and they can’t forward them.

The feature was rolled out on Monday 2 August. According to Facebook, View Once Media gives users even more control over their privacy.

Here are the steps to send View Once Media On Whatsapp:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on the attachment icon.

Step 2: Then, go to Gallery and select the photo or video you want to send to your contact.

Step 3: After selecting it, you will see a clock-like icon in the ‘Add a caption’ bar, just tap on it to enable the View Once feature. Once you enable it, the app will show a message saying “Photo set to View Once.” You can then send disappearing photos to your friends and family members.

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