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Charlestown, Nevis – Tito Chapman, founder of SKN PULSE, a Curation Network and Social Media Advertising Agency, today announced the official launch of “Mind A Bobble,” a new and original podcast.

The “Mind A Bobble” podcast is designed to share practical, informative tips and tools from the Entrepreneurship Journey to help aspiring entrepreneurs prosper in their business venture.

The podcast, hosted by Tito, will feature interviews with thought leaders, experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. Listeners can expect to hear Entrepreneurs viewpoints, accomplishments and pointers about how to overcome obstacles in business. In addition, a special segment dubbed ‘Chat & Chill’ is dedicated to delving into the Career path of Professionals.

Tito, who taught Primary School for 5 years, launched SKN PULSE after resigning from the Education sector back in 2014. In 2017, Tito was selected as the first Entrepreneur from Nevis to participate in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, a program aimed at honing business skills while gaining experience in the United States at a business entity similar in scope to a fellow’s business model. Just recently SKN PULSE was nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2021, while it continues to grow despite economic downturns, Tito is expanding his project portfolio.

Now he is dedicating his time and expertise to encouraging and helping other entrepreneurs grow their own businesses and achieve success. Through “Mind A Bobble,” he intends to build a community of like-minded professionals who can share valuable information which would support aspiring and seasoned Entrepreneurs in their quest for success.

“I believe that the time is right for Entrepreneurs to excel. With a down-turn in the economy, the opportunity is ripe to champion the ‘Orange Future’. I am of the belief that the reality of Entrepreneurship must be spoken about. Therefore, stories about hurdles, risky moves and painstaking commitments will be shared on the podcast and within the online community to provide hope and inspiration to others,” said Chapman.

The ‘Mind A Bobble’ podcast currently features 10 episodes with new episodes to be published regularly. The podcast is available on Podcasters for Spotify formally known as Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcast.


Mind A Bobble is hosted by Young Leader and founder of SKN PULSE, Tito Chapman. The goal of the Podcast is to tell our story, empower Entrepreneurs who lack confidence and provide social media tips and tricks. Each month there will be a special segment dubbed Chat and Chill, where a Special Guest would be interviewed about their Career Job. Hop on the train as we take off. Follow Mind A Bobble on Facebook.


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