Eazi and Venelle Powell Link Up for New Song “Chasing Dreams”

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Official Graphic For Chasing Dreams By Eazi and Venelle Powell

By: Tito J. Chapman

Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner and Venelle Powell debuted their brand new single titled “Chasing Dreams” on The Home – Grown Show with Sister Sensia on Freedom FM 106.5 on Thursday night.

The song which is tailored to persons who have some sort of ambition in life, speaks to chasing one’s dream regardless of obstacles.

Written by both Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner and Venelle Powell, the track is already racking up good reviews on social media:

The Voices Blend Beautifully.

Chasing Dreams!! Love It Love It.

For Venelle, collaborating with Eazi on this track was a big deal.

Powell stated:

I was pretty excited when he asked me initially. Kenny is a known artiste here in Nevis, so I was very excited for the opportunity to collaborate with him.

Eazi on the other hand knew that Venelle was the Dream Chaser he wanted to work with.

He said:

When I was approached by Steadroy Brookes with the beat, I knew I wanted to do something different. Instantly, I began searching for a female artiste to work with. Venelle came to mind, while I knew Venelle was into many different things, her profile was the perfect fit for the dream chaser mentality.

Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner

I contacted her and she willingly accepted.

History was then created…….It is Venelle’s hope that people hear the song and understand the meaning behind it.

That you can go for your dreams no matter what happens in life or what comes up, once you have that goal in mind, you should always chase it. I also hope that younger persons who hear the song and who see myself and Kenny as performing artiste/singers here in Nevis would realize that they are not limited. Anything you go for, you can get. Once you put your all, once you’re committed, once you’re dedicated, once you’re disciplined, once you deal with the good days and the bad days, once you go for it, you can have your dream.

Venelle Powell

For now, both artistes are working to make a bigger name for themselves and are opened to doing more collaborations whether together or with other artistes.

Eazi says that If he can get other artistes in St. Kitts and Nevis to reach their goals it will be a plus – “I don’t feel like I should just be helping myself, My work will be manifested in having other artistes reach their goals.”

While Venelle doesn’t have any definitive plans going forward she is considering entering competitions and honing her craft even more.

“Chasing Dreams” serves as the first release collaboration between Eazi and Venelle Powell.

The beat was produced by Steadroy Brookes of Steady Music Productions, (St.Kitts) and was mixed and mastered by Chabo Productions, (Nevis) while the artwork was done by Juicy Designs, (Nevis) and the photo captured by REFiiC, (Nevis).

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