Dr. Douglas’ Tenure In Office Leaves A Positive Script In The History Books Of Saint Kitts And Nevis

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Former PM Douglas


(Former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas)

Legacies Are Built On Impact,  Productivity And Progress: The Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis has the distinction of having the longest serving Prime Minister throughout the English speaking Caribbean Region in the person of the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas who served four consecutive terms in office as Prime Minister of Saint and Nevis.


(President Obama and First Lady Mrs. Obama with Then and now Former Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis)

The former Prime Minister’s astute leadership qualities  has brought  him accolades from all parts of the globe. His charismatic and caring appeal for human nature are two attributes that standout and contribute to his popularity not only in the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis and the diaspora but throughout the world. While many don’t favour his antics on the political  front or doesn’t support the policies put forth by him and his political party the progress gained under The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas have allowed for him to leave a permanent, positive and progressive outlook in the history books of Saint Kitts and Nevis and the Caribbean respectively.


( Caribbean Leaders)

His tenure certainly gave rise to the discussion of term limits within Saint Kitts and Nevis and some other Caribbean Islands. While it is a real thought,  the practically of such may be far fetched.


(Former US President Bill Clinton & Then Prime Minister And Now Former Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis Dr. Denzil Douglas)

The Douglas reign saw Saint Kitts and Nevis being a trendsetter in various aspects which ensured maximum benefit was garnered. Many Regional Leaders and Political Analysts over the years have come out overwhelmingly to speak about different issues within Saint Kitts and Nevis whether be it for the common good or the common bad. Nevertheless,  Saint Kitts and Nevis under The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas surely signalled that gone are the days when big island people had more exposure to higher levels of education than small islanders, Saint Kitts and Nevis is certainly a gem and could match up with our Caribbean brothers and sisters now more than ever.

Too often as Kittians and Nevisians we are willing to shun our own to accept the views of others.  Embrace your own and continue to ensure SKN remain a productive and progressive Federation.

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