Dr Daniel-Hodge to Share Increase with Struggling Families in her Constituency

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Dr Daniel Hodge Not In Favour of Increase, Will Share her Increase with Stuggling Families in her Constituency

Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party and area representative for St James Parish, Hon Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge isn’t in favour of the 15 percent salary increase for Parliamentarians and the President of the Nevis Island Assembly which was announced yesterday by Premier Brantley.

Daniel-Hodge said, “a salary increase for parliamentarians now is wrong on so many levels and, if I had any say in the matter it would not happen.”

According to Daniel-Hodge, our people are crying out for relief.

Only yesterday a resolution was passed in the House of Assembly to increase property tax on Nevis. This is in addition to price increases at the supply office, Alexandra Hospital, Nevlec, Water Department and Solid Waste.

Dr Daniel Hodge has indicated that she will share her increase with some of the struggling families in her constituency.

I have decided that I will share, among some of the struggling families in my constituency, whatever increase is provided to me.

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