CSS 2020 Valedictorian says hard work and effort brings success as 150 graduands celebrate achievements

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Photo caption: Ms. Donella Thompson, valedictorian of the Charlestown Secondary School’s Graduating Class of 2020 delivering her valedictory address at the school’s 2020 graduation ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 08, 2020

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (December 09, 2020) — Ms. Donella Thompson, valedictorian for the Charlestown Secondary School’s (CSS) Graduating Class of 2020, told her fellow 149 graduands that they were celebrating their accomplishments because hard work and effort brings success.

She quoted the words of Zig Ziglar, an American Author and Motivational Speaker, when she while delivering the valedictory address at the CSS Graduation Ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 08 with the theme “Overcoming and Progressing”.

“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you,” she said and urged them to remember the quote.

Ms. Thompson challenged the graduating class to engage in three things which would help them cope with life after secondary school.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Move forward with confidence knowing that if we work hard, we can achieve great heights.

“Life is not a set schedule. Everyone does not have to do everything at the same time or in the same way. Your success may not come at the same time as mine. My opportunities might not present themselves in the same way as yours do. Take time to uncover your gifts and talents, nurture them. Go at your own pace; and never give up. When the road gets narrow and winding, keep on walking. When your goal or dream seems just out of reach stay the course. Keep on reaching and never give up,” she said.

The Class of 2020 valedictorian also called on God’s continued favour in the future of the graduands.

“May God continue to bless us as we end yet another chapter in our lives and turn a fresh page to begin a new chapter. Congratulations, we did it Class of 2020!” she said.

Photo caption: A section of the 150 graduands of the Charlestown Secondary School Graduating Class of 2020 at their graduation ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 08, 2020

Ms. Thompson saved what she referred to as her most important task on behalf of the CSS Class of 2020 for last.

“First and foremost, thanks must be given to our heavenly father who has blessed us and kept us during our secondary school journey. He gave us the health, strength, and capacity to gain an understanding of five years’ worth of knowledge. For this, we are truly grateful.

“To the first teachers in our lives, our parents who’ve supported us emotionally, physically and financially we say thanks with all we have. As without your guidance through the years, there would be no achievement for us,” she said.

Ms. Thompson registered eternal gratitude to their subject teachers for the time and instruction given to the Class of 2020.

Photo caption: Parents and well-wishers in attendance at the Charlestown Secondary School 2020 Graduation Ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 08, 2020

“You put up with our complaining (and there was a lot of them) and our slacking off. You spent hours preparing presentations and notes just to make the lesson more interesting and digestible. We say thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” she said.

The valedictorian also singled other teachers who had gone above and beyond to assist them with their exams.

“I would also like to give a very special shout out to Mr. Dominick Hinds, a teacher who burned the midnight oil with last minute study sessions and classes. A teacher who stayed up at all hours to make certain if we had questions he was there; who ensure we were up bright and early on the day of exam and came to school to make sure we had calm nerves going into that examination room and was right there when we came out. To you, thanks is not enough for all you have done for us.

“Also, a special word of gratitude to Ms. Zawanie Morton who ensured we understood the material well and made certain our SBAs were in tip top shape to be sent to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).

Ms. Thompson used the opportunity to thank her parents Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thompson for their love and support throughout her years at secondary school. Adding that without them her accomplishments would not have been realized.


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