Coach Lonzo Wilkinson Named SKN Athletics New Director of Coaching

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Mr Lonzo Anthony Wilkinson is SKN Athletics’ new Director of Coaching. Wilkinson was appointed earlier this month to craft and execute programs related to the development of track and field in St Kitts and Nevis. Coach Wilkinson will be responsible for organizing training camps, coordinating the coaching of athletes, and liaising with Kittitian and Nevisian athletes at home and abroad.

Wilkinson is a dynamic retired principal, teacher and coach who works closely with the SKNOC as an adviser in sports development in areas such as gender balance in sports, coaches’ certification, athletes’ development, scholarship etc.

Wilkinson’s Coaching Qualification include:
1996 – 1997 IAAF CECS level I & level II Sprint Hurdles
1997 – 2000 IAAF CECS Level III Sprints and Hurdles
2000 – 2005 IAAF CECS level IV Sprint and Hurdles
2005 – present IAAF Academy Chief Coach Level V
2006 – Present IAAF level 1 & 2 Coach Lecturer
2015 – CANOC Sports Technical:” Long term Athlete Development”
2020 – PAN American Sports Organization :- “Sports Psychology for High performance coaches”
2020 – NACAC continuing Coaches Education Program
2020 – CANOC Refresher : “Long Term Development in Sports and Physical Activity”

Wilkinson boasts of having a successful track record for graduating student-athletes and developing talent at the high school, community and national levels. These athletes include Jason Rogers, Lestrod Roland, Antonie Adams, Warren Hazel, Kristal Liburd, Tameka Williams, Alister Clarke, Jakiba Joseph, T’haj Liburd and others.

Coach Wilkinson’s track record with the national relay team include:
a)​Breaking a 4 year old 4x100m record twice in consecutive days in 2010
b)​Bronze medal at the CAC Championships in 2011
c)​First time running 38seconds as a relay team and qualified for the World Championships in 2011
d)​3rd place at the Crystal Palace Diamond League in England, 2011
e)​Bronze medal at the World Championships held in Daegu Korea, 2011
f)​Silver medal at the Pan America Games held in Mexico, 2011
g)​Semifinalist at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and national record
h)​Semifinalist at the World Championships in Russia, 2013
i)​Gold medal at the OECS Championships 2014
j)​Silver medal in 4X200m relay at the inaugural World Relays held in Bahamas, 2014
k)​First and only team for the OECS to win a World Championship relay medal
l)​Smallest country in the world to win a World Championship relay medal

SKN Athletics is delighted to welcome Coach Wilkinson to his new position and looks forward to the contributions he will make to the development of track and field. We take this opportunity to thank outgoing Director of Coaching Shirmon Caines for his contributions to track and field over the years, we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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