Cherry Garden Team

Cherry Garden Wins First Annual IWPS 5on5 Football O-RAMA Tournament

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Cherry Garden Team

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The annual Ivor Walters Day held on Friday 23rd November saw some of the young boys participating in the first annual 5on5 Football O-RAMA Tournament.

Given the opportunity to represent their village, the tournament consisted of five teams namely: Brown-Hill, Prospect, Cherry Garden, Cane Garden and a Combined Team.

Photo Caption: Four of the five teams, Combined Team was missing.

The youths exhibited their skills as they played each other for a chance to win the coveted title.

The tournament took the format of small goal without a goal keeper which meant the boys would have to kick the ball with alot more accuracy inorder to score goals.

Prospect and Cherry Gardens were the two top teams having beaten their opponents to reach the final.

Photo Caption: Coach Harvey, Cherry Garden Team and Prospect Team during inspection.

Two short halves weren’t enough for both teams thus at the end of regulation time the score was nil all. This meant that the teams needed extra time for a winner to be decided but this too proved to provide the same outcome, (0-0).

With everything on the line, teams had little time to prepare for the penalty Shootout. With Prospect opting to shoot at goal first, all of their five players missed goal. That meant only one player from Cherry Garden needed to convert. Leon Thompson Jr. was the first up and in five seconds it was all over, Cherry Garden were victorious.

They beat Prospect 1-0. The lone scorer in a Penalty shoot-out was Leon Thompson.

The tournament was sponsored by Mr. Tito Chapman – 2017 YLAI Alumni and CEO of SKN PULSE MEDIA.

Other fun activities that were coordinated so that the children can have fun were: Hoola Hoops and Bouncing Castle.

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