Breaking News: Shooting and Unruly Behaviour Brings An Abrupt End To J’Ouvert Jam In Sugar City

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By: Staff Reporter

A premature end to the J’Ouvert morning jump-up has cast a dark shadow over Sugar Mas 47.

Kittitians, Nevisians and visitors alike were enjoying J’ouvert this morning, (Wednesday 26th December) when the celebration was marred by violent activities. A shooting incident, a stone/bottle throwing incident, fighting and other minor incidents brought the J’Ouvert jump-up to an abrupt end by security forces, (the jam was stopped around 10).

Unconfirmed reports indicate that two persons were shot and injured.

Video Caption: Onlookers and Revellers running for cover after a stone/bottle throwing incident

Criminal behaviour continues to create mayhem in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis to the dismay of revellers, who came out to enjoy the J’Ouvert jump-up for Sugarmas 47.

This will certainly create some fear with revellers going forward.

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