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Basseterre, St. KittsWednesday, May 292024: The Beach Allen Primary School marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 32nd Anniversary under the theme “32 Years of Excellence: Honouring Traditions, Inspiring Innovations.” The Anniversary Church Service held at the Zion Moravian Churchon Tuesday, May 28, was a heartwarming event that brought together students, staff, alumni, and distinguished guests to reflect on the school’s rich history and promising future.

Mrs. Jamilla Bristol-Browne, Principal of Beach Allen Primary School, remarked.

“For over three decades Beach Allen Primary School has been a beacon of educational excellence, nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders. Our traditions have provided a strong foundation rooted in values, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. As we reflect on our past, we honour the traditions that have defined who we are.”

Education Officer, Mrs. Carol Boddie, congratulated the Beach Allen Primary School on its significant milestone.

“I am indeed humbled to deliver congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Education to the officials, principal, staff, parents, students, and well-wishers of the Beach Allen Primary School on this the school’s 32nd Anniversary. For the past 32 years, Beach Allen has been a stalwart in educating not only students of the Taylor’s Community but the surrounding communities and communities from all around the island of St. Kitts. The school has achieved many successes which were possible through past and present hardworking staff and students desirous of excelling. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I take this opportunity to extend gratitude to all who have contributed to the success of Beach Allen Primary School for the past 32 years.”

Featured speaker and immediate past principal of Beach Allen Primary School, Mrs. Emelita Warner-Paul, encouraged those in attendance to continue to embrace the traditions of the school.

“Boys and girls, I just want to encourage you. You are basking in the celebration of 32 years of excellence. Though there were many shortfalls, as life has cycles, I guide you and I ask you to cherish these accomplishments and look to them as steppingstones to create and remember and honour the traditions to build, create, and inspire innovation. Teachers, parents, and well-wishers, changes are inevitable. New staff and new parents will always join the Beach Allen family but as you become a part of this new family take a few moments to get acquainted with the history and know where the institution came from so that you can chart the course of your journey to the success of your family. This I am convinced will give you the inspiration to innovate. 

The 32nd Anniversary Church Service was not only a time ofreflection but was a call to action for the Beach Allen Primary School to continue striving for excellence in all endeavors.


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