11 Nevisians Honoured for Independence 38

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Eleven Nevisians wee honoured for their sterling contribution in commemoration of the Federation’s 38th Anniversary of Independence.

The awards ceremony was held at Government House located at Bath Plain on Monday 20 September at 10 am.

The honourees would have made significant contributions in the fields of Education, Health, Community Service, Business, Sports, Music and Culture.

The honourees are as follows:

Mrs Palsy Wilkin, (Education)

Mrs Ernette Manners (Health)

Mrs Vantia Walters (Community Service)

Ms Christiana Smith, (Community Service)

Mr. Dexter Harley, (Business)

Mr Troy Mckoy, (Business)

Mr Austin Browne, (Sports)

Mr Curtley Maynard, (Music)

Mr Carlisle ‘Binghi’ Pemberton

Mr Elton Archibald, (Culture)

Mr Eugene ‘Chevy’ Chiverton, (Culture)

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